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Cardiac resuscitation at the point of care

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Transesophageal Ultrasound (TEU) used in emergency medicine and critical care settings can help you treat each case with assurance at your side. Provide high-quality of care with confidence and encourage improved patient outcomes1.

Why implement a TEU cardiac resuscitation program?

TEU improves quality of care
Enhances the patient and staff experience
TEU_ Increase efficiency
TEU - Reduce coses

Combining the features you need with the efficiencies you want

T8-3 TEU transducer
For clinicians using TEU at the bedside, a clear cardiac window is necessary. The T8-3 TEU transducer offers access to the heart for more confidence in assessing, diagnosing, and treating patients when intervention is needed most.

With Sonosite's advanced image clarity and the T8-3's flexible design and optimized cardiac resuscitation exam type, it offers greater workflow efficiency to aid clinicians' efforts to improve patient outcomes.

Cardiac resuscitation exam type

The cardiac resuscitation exam displays a scan-along image protocol while the clinician is performing an exam to assist them with achieving the images of four key cardiac visualizations:
Mid esophageal four
chamber fire (ME4C)
Mid esophageal long
view (ME LAX)
Transgastric mid-short
axis view (TG Mid SAX)
Mid esophageal bicaval
view (ME Bicaval)

Lifecycle of the transducer

Care and maintenance workflow

The TEU exam is a relatively small part, while the care and maintenance of the transducer are much of the workflow. Understanding how the transducer fits into the hospital ecosystem is essential.


Sonosite offers our TEU customers exclusive educational resources with a dedicated technology for point of care clinician's designed with their needs in mind. Our program offers:

  • On-going educational opportunities
  • Clinical resources and support
  • Peer-to-peer connection with clinicians utilizing TEU use models at the point of care

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