Behind the Scan

Advanced Peripheral Intravenous Skills for the Emergency Nurse:
Using Point-of-Care Ultrasound for Difficult Access

December 3, 2020
60 Minutes

We will explore improved care efficiency and patient satisfaction with ultrasound guidance for difficult PIV insertions, identify implementation challenges of a nurse-led program, and review a collaborative approach for initiating implementation. Includes a brief demonstration.

What You'll Learn

  • High success for difficult-access patients, efficiency of staff time and resources and greater satisfaction

  • Collaborative approach to gaining support and initiating implementation within your institution

  • How to identify challenges to implementation

  • Strategies and tools for implementing the skill within your emergency department

  • Identifying goals for the future of ultrasound-guided PIV within emergency department care

Your Presenter for this Webinar is:

Presenter: Lisa Groulx, BScN, MN, RN, ENCC
Emergency Clinical Educator – Professional Practice Lead,
Guelph General Hospital, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Lisa Groulx started her career in 2006, as an emergency staff nurse at Guelph General Hospital in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. She is now the Emergency Clinical Educator - Professional Practice Lead. She followed her passion for continuous education and learning in the clinical nurse setting, and obtained a master’s degree in nursing (teaching focus) in 2017. After recognizing the value of ultrasound-guided PIVs in difficult-access cases, Lisa led the development of a UGPIV training program for nurses at Guelph General Hospital. Her evidence-based, collaborative approach resulted in high interest and participation among ED nurses. As a result, the nurse-led UGPIV program has begun making a positive impact on nursing practice and patient satisfaction.

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