Behind the Scan

Ultrasound-Guided Adductor Canal and iPACK Blocks for Knee Surgery

June 15, 2022
2:00 p.m. PT
5:00 p.m. ET
45 minutes

Join Dr. Richard Teames in a lively discussion of techniques and indications for performing ultrasound guided adductor canal and iPACK blocks for knee surgery. In this webinar, Dr. Teames will share best practices while performing live scans.

What You'll Learn

  • Properly identify the location for successful adductor canal and iPACK block placement
  • Determine when adductor canal and iPACK blocks can be used
  • Review tips and tricks for proper and successful block placement
  • Review the pertinent anatomy of the knee and lower extremity

Your Presenter for this Webinar is:

Presenter: Richard S. Teames, M.D.
Director of Regional Anesthesia John Peter Smith Hospital, Fort Worth, TX | National Clinical Director of Regional Anesthesia Envision Physician Services | MAJ, 94th CSH, MC, USAR

Dr. Richard Teames is a dedicated anesthesiologist with a unique background in nursing who excels in working with trauma and critical care patients. He trained at the busiest trauma center in the U.S. and has exceptional regional skills and ultrasound technique in multiple nerve block modalities.

He is currently the Director of Regional Anesthesia at John Peter Smith hospital as well as the National Clinical Director of Regional Anesthesia for Envision Physician Services. Dr. Teames is an Officer in the United States Army Reserve Medical Corp. His clinical interests include acute pain management, regional anesthesia, advance airway techniques, and cardiovascular anesthesia. He has a genuine interest and enthusiasm for teaching clinical and acute pain/regional anesthesia and is a bilingual (English/Spanish) patient advocate.

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