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Sonosite PX
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Our most advanced image clarity to more accurately visualize sonographic landmarks

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Adaptable horizontal to vertical work surface positions allow for optimal bedside ergonomics

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Durable, integrated transducer holders make cleanup easier

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Streamlined workflows allow clinicians to find controls quickly with fewer touches

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Touch and physical buttons provide quick access to most-used controls for improved efficiency

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Versatile storage solutions with a dedicated wipes holder

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Cable management system keeps transducer cords off the floor, even at its lowest height

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Small footprint helps maneuver crowded hallways, bays, and rooms

Advanced Image Clarity

Sonosite’s most advanced image clarity helps clinicians:

  • More accurately visualize sonographic landmarks for anatomical certainty
  • Effectively assess cardiac function with optimal frame rates, improved color performance, and an enhanced color map
  • Perform a FAST exam and diagnose with confidence to triage patients
  • Guide needles more precisely utilizing Auto Steep Needle Profiling

All New Transducers

A new family of curved, linear, and phased array transducers with new technology to aid in image clarity.

Sonosite PX - All New Transducers

Adaptable Positioning

Transitions from a horizontal to vertical position to allow for optimal bedside ergonomics and closer access to patients.

Sonosite PX - More Efficient Workflows

More Efficient Workflows

Quickly find controls with fewer touches and exam types with optimized annotations.

Advanced Calculations

Improved calculation workflow and new calculations for cardiac, abdomen, OB/GYN, and pediatric hip remove steps and complexity—reducing time to diagnosis and treatment.

Discover the all new Sonosite PX: where clarity meets confidence.

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